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I set the business up over ten years ago, having left a Private Banking position with an International Bank. My passion for service stems from a family clothing business set up by my Grandfather. My brother (Pete) and I used to spend weekends at the shop. We loved it, meeting new people, engaging with them and helping them with their purchases and seeing their excitement. Pete is now an integral member of MSP.

Providing great service and creating value is central to my work ethos. I was able to practise these skills to various levels whilst working in some of the most prestigious department stores: Harrods (as did Pete), Selfridges, Liberty's and whilst at University, Debenhams Oxford Street.

Getting to know your clients and building trust is crucial. I learnt this through my grandfather and father, who used to offer what I can only describe as an early form of a payment plan. My Grandfather would tell me the origins of the saying ‘buying on tick’ or the comment ‘here comes the tally man’. Mutual trust allows a business to develop and be successful, through personal customer satisfaction and recommendation.

Let MSP take care of your logistics and experience our passion for customer service through the generations.

Mak Singh, Director

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“I worked for Mak for almost ten years until recently; to date MSP is my longest employer. I liked the variety of the job and the flexibility that came with it. Mak and Pete are great guys and both really approachable and would always be there if I needed any support. I was a valid member of the team and my opinions and suggestions were always considered”.
Mark Czugalinski (MSP 2006-2016)
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